About LaBue Media

Hi, I’m Rena. I help business owners navigate the ever-changing communication landscape and guide them to effective sales, marketing, and advertising solutions.

The foundation of my experience is media. I have over 30 years of multi-media experience—radio, broadcast and cable television, out-of-home and digital. I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to develop and execute custom-tailored, successful marketing and advertising campaigns.

I’m a problem solver.

In May of 2017, I founded what is now LaBue Media, Inc. so that I could provide media-neutral, 100% client-focused solutions to businesses’ marketing and advertising challenges.

My approach to problem-solving is largely inspired by my dad, who taught me to focus on doing “the next right thing”. You’ll see that reflected in my thoughtful and intentional approach to creating solutions.

I’ve got a strong philanthropic side, and I still believe I can change the world.

Outside of work you can find me working in my garden (or dreaming about my garden while there is snow on the ground), experimenting with new recipes in my kitchen, chasing my three little rescue dogs around the yard or volunteering as a caregiver at a horse rescue.

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