Marketing Strategy

Are you relying on tactics or do you have a strategy?

Today’s complex omnichannel media world is flooded with seemingly compelling marketing solutions. Most of them look good at first glance, but how good are they really? Does the tactic fit the strategy? Is there a strategy? Reacting to the latest exciting idea is putting the cart before the horse – trying to drive success with tactics rather than implementing a solid strategic plan.

Great marketing begins with a research-backed strategic plan. That’s how we determine which tactics (ideas, media, etc..) make the most sense for each individual client.

We get to know our clients’ businesses inside and out. We conduct an in-depth, and ongoing Client Needs Analysis, asking questions, and most importantly, listening. We work to develop a keen understanding of our clients’ businesses, including their brand, their customers, their competition, their needs, and their goals so that we can create a custom-tailored, results-focused marketing strategy.

Let us help you develop a results-driven marketing strategy.

Client Needs Analysis

Listening. Tell us about your brand, your customers, your competitors, and your goals.  


Investigating. We dig deep into both qualitative and quantitative research to understand the mindset of your customers and your prospective customers, and to uncover areas of opportunity.


Devising. We use the research to create a thoughtful and effective plan to achieve your goals on your budget.


Implementing. We bring the plan to life with engaging creative elements, and powerful media and promotional elements.

Monitor and Optimize

Improving. We consider ourselves partners in your success, and stewards of your resources. We are always looking at results and determining how we can make successful plans even more successful. 


Due to the ever-changing environment, the Client Needs Analysis is always changing and is therefore an ongoing process we are sure to revisit and make adjusments along the way.

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